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Friends Academy

Special Projects – Friends Academy, Locust Valley, NY

I had the great honor of serving on The Board Of Trustees of this very special institution for eleven years. I served as the Chairman of both the Buildings & Grounds and Major Gifts Committees, as well as being on the Finance Committee. These roles came with an exceptionally large and rewarding responsibility – from beginning to completion, as a part of a group of incredibly dedicated and talented Board Of Trustees*, this period of time, from its initial planning, to placing the final brick in place, was the ten year expansion and renovation of this stunning sixty five acre campus, at a cost of approximately $100,000,000.

The mandate – daunting: Design, budget, fund and construct the entire project, integrating it seamlessly with the century-old existing structures – and never sacrifice a second, minute or an hour of teaching time…

*I must take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the late Peter F. Karches. He was a man who set the standard of how to balance both extraordinary achievement and personal integrity. He was a force of nature who got things done. He was both a mentor and friend, for which I will always be extremely grateful.

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