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Approaching 125 Years in Business

​A Lewis E. Feldman Company
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As we approach the incredible milestone of one hundred and twenty-five years in business, proud to be the only direct and unbroken continuation of a four-generation family business, which began with the arrival in America of my grandfather, H. J. Feldman (despite his brilliance and unarguable tenacity – ‘Poppa Joe’ to those he loved) in 1900 in New York and Chicago and included in its earlier years, public sector projects such as the main terminals for Chicago's O’Hare Airport and major portions of the Brooklyn Navy Yards, as well as high-tech projects like The Brookhaven National Laboratories / Alternating Gradient Synchrotron for the Atomic Energy Commission. In addition, having forged such a strong relationship with the United States Navy, as one of its largest ‘prime contractors,’ numerous additional projects were completed, both classified and unclassified. 

My grandfather began as laborer and a few years later opened a small plumbing specialty shop in a tenement basement on New York’s lower east side. With breathtaking tenacity and skill, as with many other great American success stories, he continually grew the company, year after year. All four of his sons eventually came onboard as they left their military service in World War II, led by the first-born, Sidney. After several expansions and moves, the company, then known as Malan Construction, grew to achieve the stellar ranking of one of the ‘top five’ general contractors in the United States. They made their largest move to date in 1956 and occupied the top floors of 2 Park Avenue in New York. During the following five years, the decision and subsequent preparations were made, that once work was completed on the main terminals at O’Hare, the company would transition to a fully private entity, doing development work strictly for their own account.

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I have the very special honor of launching NXT125, our latest iteration and sole link in a very long, strong, unbroken chain, formed to continue moving forward and to pay tribute to this great milestone and all that have come before.

Mr. Feldman’s comprehensive background in real estate, having entered the family business after high school in 1974, now spans more than 45 years and includes hands on expertise in virtually every aspect of real estate acquisition, entitlements, construction, development, leasing, commercial interiors, space planning, design, marketing, management and complex financing in multiple sectors.

​In more than ninety percent of these projects, wholly owned entities have acted as general contractor and performed all the traditional aspects of property development and operations, maintaining optimal levels of both cost control and rates of return for our investors - that is part of our DNA.

​Of equally great pride is the fact that for decades, we have employed between 300 - 600 people annually, scaling as project inventory required. In addition, we were the market dominant and consistently privately held ‘Class A’ office developer on Long Island and the New York Suburban Metro Area. We did not just preach, but practiced the rule of ‘location’ (thanks, Poppa Joe), always occupying the premier locations, enabling us to consistently set the bar for rental rates for our respective markets.

​To date, our wholly owned / controlled entities have completed transactions of approximately 3.5 billion dollars (in excess of 5.25 billion dollars if net present value calculations are conservatively applied).

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A Lewis Feldman Company

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Our Mission & Client Profile

Our completely confidential consulting services are laser focused on sophisticated, high net worth individuals and companies, both international and domestic, providing services to a wide variety of businesses, as well as those who have real estate as their core business. These can include individuals & investment-based entities that have assets in need of repositioning or broader value enhancement, or those looking to enter into a particular market sector for development or acquisition with experienced, top tier professionals on their side.

We will always provide the highest level of discretion and privacy for our clients, whether you want to be completely passive or very active. We will, based upon our extensive experience, seek to meticulously provide our guidance from start to completion and match you with the best of the best for any need. In plain language, we can prepare you or your designee / team for a wide variety of meetings or negotiations, or we can take the lead position, should you desire to remain in the background, utilizing this approach as a very effective negotiating tool.

In order to provide the best possible individual service to each of our Clients, as a rule, we will never take on more than ten Clients / Projects at a time. This would only vary based upon the respective sizes of the projects and assignments in place.

* While our DNA is real estate, the art of negotiation is universal. More than four decades of experience is irreplaceable. A contract, with all the complexities it may possess, is at its core, still a contract. In most of our assignments, one example being a very large lease negotiation on our Client’s behalf, resulted in the high compliment of our being asked to oversee the redesign, expansion & consolidation of his entire operation into this facility.

Subsequently, the scope expanded and we were also asked to renegotiate all of the Client's primary supply contracts and the agreements (both national & international) with the Client's customers, for both increased net revenues and for integration into the new technology systems the Client had been very anxious to put in place. NOI rose 26.8% in the 1st year and up to 40% in the 2nd. During COVID. This particular Client is in the Medical Supply business (every situation is unique, and we do not offer this or any example as a likely or typical outcome).

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Development Consultation & Multi-Faceted Owner Representation:

As your Project Consultant, we will assemble the best available professionals to provide the precise input necessary to the owner/developer regarding any requested elements in the development process. This could include, but would not necessarily be limited to:

  • ​Working with you in assembling a team for site analysis and selection.

  • ​Assisting / coordinating between Client, counsel and architect in the entitlement / permitting phase.

  • ​Review and/or engage in direct negotiation with both individual contractors and any or all phases of the general contracting / development process, working to create a highly efficient collaboration between team members, architect, general contractor and all of the parties who will be integral to the pre-development and development processes.

  • ​General review of all relevant real estate and related contracts to provide comments and questions for review with attorneys as necessary to help streamline the process for the benefit of the Client.

  • ​Input on project concept and design with emphasis on creating the most cost effective balance between form & function.

  • ​Assist in retaining and/or working with the best marketing and brokerage firms that we can bring to the table in each target market to arrive at the most profitable options for presentation to the Client.

​Our service is best utilized by owners/developers/investors that plan on taking on either an active or passive role in developing or repositioning their project, but would like the benefit of professional, objective advice on an as-needed basis. We are equally comfortable in both lead and supporting roles.

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Recent Projects / Transactions


An international Client of NXT Private Consulting Group gave us the task of selling his New York City residential holdings, a large and diverse portfolio, and reinvesting the funds in similar types of properties in South Florida.

Three of the properties were ‘1031 Exchanges’. The goal was to both raise the overall annual rate of return in the new portfolio and to have the properties be in a growth market from an equity perspective. Additionally, we needed to minimize the very large potential capital gains tax impact attached to the 1031 transactions.

Utilizing our decades of contacts and relationships in both locations, we selected the best possible professionals, all of whom were approved and retained by the Client.

We completed the entire process in six months – three months ahead of the Client’s schedule.

A total of 12 closings, including the three 1031 exchanges. The average ROI from rental income was increased by approximately 110%, with very little down-time on cash flow. 98.5% of the capital gains tax exposure was covered. All the properties are located in growth markets.*

We both thank and congratulate the entire team of talented people in both states who made these incredible results possible.

Most importantly, we thank our Client, for the opportunity to take on this project – creating and overseeing an action plan and putting it in motion – being 100% hands-on through every phase of a project with so many complex and interconnected parts, from its inception to its successful completion.*

A very large lease negotiation on an international Client’s behalf in the Miami Area resulted in the highest form of compliment when we were asked to stay on board to oversee the redesign, expansion & consolidation of his entire operation into a new facility.

Subsequently, the scope expanded, and we were also asked to renegotiate many of the Client's primary supply contracts and the agreements (both national and international) with the Client's customers (both in English and in Spanish) for both increased net revenues and for integration into the new technology systems the Client had been very anxious to put in place.

During COVID, NOI rose 26.8% in the first year and up to 40% in the second. This Client is in the Medical Supply business.*

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* All transactions and every situation are unique, and we do not offer this or any content found anywhere on this Website or The Company’s postings, wherever or whenever they may appear, as an example of a likely or typical outcome. All transactions carry risk, which is why we advise all parties to seek professional advice from their attorneys, accountants, or other appropriate advisors.

** Client Agreements and subsequent examples are always the subject of strong Non-Disclosure Agreements. On the rare occasion where we ask for and receive the Client’s permission to write these deal summaries, some of the facts are changed as necessary to safeguard the Client’s identity. The core components, such as financial data for rates of return and other financial achievements are factual, as are the transaction types and complexities.

*** ​The information provided on this website does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal or financial/investment advice; instead, all information, content, and materials available on this site are for general informational purposes only.

Readers of this website should contact their attorney and/or other professionals to obtain advice with respect to any particular legal matter. No reader, user, or browser of this site should act or refrain from acting on the basis of information on this site without first seeking legal advice from counsel in the relevant jurisdiction.

Only your individual attorney can provide assurances that the information contained herein – and your interpretation of it – is applicable or appropriate to your particular situation. Use of, and access to, this website or any of the links or resources contained within the site do not create an attorney-client relationship between the reader, user, or browser and website authors, contributors, contributing law firms, or committee members and their respective employers.

Neither NXT125 REAL ESTATE & CONSULTING LLC nor its principals, hold any professional licenses. We are retained based solely upon the depth and diversity of over 4 decades of business experience. Whenever a situation requires, NXT will advise The Client accordingly and provide The Client with a selection of top tier professionals with whom in most cases, we've had a long history of excellent service and experience, the criteria being, choosing the best fit for both The Client and each unique situation.

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More photos / captions coming soon.

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Triad Office Park

The Grand Finale for the Feldman Brothers Organization & The Changing of The Guard – Part I

Simultaneously, with the four brothers building office and retail projects in multiple locations on Long Island and Westchester, they had begun the approval process for what would become Long Island’s premier, 'Class A' office park.

After a three-year zoning process, the 48-acre property, initially acquired in a joint venture with Chase Manhattan Bank, was approved for a total of six buildings totaling approximately 5.5 million square feet, which consisted of 2,250,000 square feet of office space, and 3,250,000 square feet of parking - virtually all of which was interconnected, allowing unobstructed pedestrian and vehicular flow, both above and below ground.

There was no suburban office park that we know of ever built on that scale before.

Approvals were granted in 1971 and construction on the first building known both as Triad I and 2001 Marcus Avenue began in 1972 and was completed by the end of 1974 (approximately eight months before Mr. Feldman entered the business).

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Family History
1975 – 1985

Part II

From that time forward, all commitment and energy were focused exclusively on suburban ‘Class A’ office development until 1979, when two of the brothers, Sid and Sol, decided to go completely independent, both moving to Florida to pursue their own projects in the Orlando and Fort Lauderdale areas, respectively.

Sid and his two sons located, acquired, and completed the ground-up construction of a beautiful office park, known as The Maitland Forum. Sol and his son successfully embarked on premier quality residential projects.

At this point, only brothers Irving and Edward remained, with Irving as the sole managing member as he had been from inception. A few years later, with both brothers at or near seventy years of age, Edward declared his intention to leave and independently pursue an office development in Manhattan. Irving made a short term arrangement for Edward to have a base of operation, giving him temporary management of the smallest of the five buildings. Neither Irving nor Mr. Feldman was similarly inclined. This was particularly important at this juncture in time, as Lewis was already, with the gratitude of and full written authority from the sole general partner and the blessings of the primary lenders, through his wholly owned entities, for over five years, performing all general contracting, tenant work, general operations – including marketing and leasing (a big three-decade thank you to Roy Chipkin, SVP CBRE, leasing and tenant relations superstar).

In addition, the traditional financial dealings for the entire office park were transitioned to Mr. Feldman’s control** – all partnership financial matters remained in perpetuity with the original partners and their respective accountants. It is important to note that Mr. Feldman was constantly urged to take an equity position in the properties by both the GP and the lenders, each for their own reasons. He always declined, held tight to his position and never held even a minute interest of any kind during his 25+ year involvement.

Mr. Feldman, on several occasions, personally loaned or contributed millions of dollars to fix or cover both problems left by those who had come before, as well as cover shortfalls created by the inevitable adverse business cycles inherent in an operation of this scale and duration. In addition, Mr. Feldman had already begun doing numerous multimillion dollar transactions in both New York and Florida (many of which you will see pictured and described here) and continuing to present times, simultaneously with a dozen more years of operations at Triad that followed, thereby seamlessly, continuing the core family legacy, then and for the future, and to achieve the optimal value enhancement and ultimate sale of the properties.

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The Four Brothers

By describing the traditional roles of the four brothers here, it should provide some needed background information. Sid, the eldest, was the iron anchor that always kept the ship as far away from the rocks as he could. It was a brutal, unending and thankless job, considering the high-risk nature of two of his brothers. Edward and Irving shared the primary roles of fundraising, syndication and all partnership financial matters as well as traditional financing, which Mr. Feldman took over as Ed and Irving simultaneously left or in Irving’s case, he enthusiastically began his retirement strategy. The youngest, Sol, played a completely different but equally critical role. His extraordinary genius as an engineer, and innate ability to keep every project flowing under all conditions, was the engine that got that ship smoothly into port every time. How I loved every second learning from him.

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